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These are sermon outlines that I've gotten from other great men of God and revised to fit my style of preaching.

I believe every thing originates with God.

I thank the Lord for those men who have dedicated their lives to the study of His Word.

We all should "study to shew ourselves approved" , don't you think?

I hope these outlines will be of help to you, as they were to our church.

I will add new sermons and series as often as possible.

Stop by from time to time to see what's new.

File Name Date Size
File 120422_THINGS_GOD_CANNOT_DO-James_1_13_.docx Apr-23-2012 03:26 PM 54.28 KB View
File 04_WILT_THOU_BE_MADE_WHOLE_John_5_1-16.doc Jun-13-2012 02:32 PM 51.00 KB View
File FINDING_GRACE.doc Jul-16-2012 01:52 PM 124.00 KB View
File NT01-13 MISSING OUT (unbelief).docx Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 61.82 KB View
File NT01-22_The_Tragedy_of_Saying_No_to_Jesus_saying_no_.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 71.50 KB View
File NT02-01_THAT_SECRET_PLACE_OF_PRAYER_-_Mark_1_35_Prayer_.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 79.00 KB View
File NT02-09_SALTY_CHRISTIANS_-_Mark_9_Witness_.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 70.50 KB View
File NT02-12_THE_DAY_THE_QUESTIONED_STOPPED_-_Mark_12_28-34_Love_for_God_.DOC Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 87.00 KB View
File NT03-21_ISRAEL_-_Luke_21_Prophesy_.docx Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 42.16 KB View
File NT03-12_WHAT_ARE_WE_LIVING_FOR_Coveteousness_.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 119.00 KB View
File NT05-20 REPRENTANCE (A STUDY).doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 80.00 KB View
File NT06-I_AM_NOT_ASHAMED-Romans_1_16.docx Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 54.03 KB View
File NT10-2_THE_POSTURE_OF_THE_CHRISTIAN_LIFE_-_Ephesians_2_6_10_6_11.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 103.00 KB View
File NT10-03_OUR_GOD_IS_ABLE_-_Ephesians_3_20_Faith_.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 95.00 KB View
File NT12-03_IS_THE_OLD_MAN_DEAD_-_Colossians_3_1-17_surrender_.docx Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 38.77 KB View
File NT23-01_WHAT_TO_DO_WITH_OUR_SINS_-_I_John_1_8-10_Forgiveness_.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 68.00 KB View
File NT23-05_BIRTHMARKS_OF_A_BELIEVER_-_I_John_5_13_eternal_sercurity_.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 45.00 KB View
File OT05 -07 OUR FAITHFUL GOD.docx Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 62.12 KB View
File OT09-07_LESSONS_FROM_THE_EBENEZER_STONE_-_I_Samuel_7_forgiveness_revival_.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 69.00 KB View
File OT12-2_THE_DOUBLE_PORTION_surrender_.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 78.50 KB View
File OT16-06_SO_THE_WALL_WAS_FINISHED_-Nehemiah_6_11-15_Service_.docx Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 40.15 KB View
File OT18-13_GETTING_SPECIFIC_-_Job_13_23_sin_.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 63.00 KB View
File OT19_-_122_THE_BATTLE_FOR_JERUSALEM_-_Psalm_122.docx Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 37.00 KB View
File OT19-25_THREE_ESSENTIALS_-_Psalm_25_4_5_Sanctification_.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 100.00 KB View
File OT19-33_ONE_NATION_UNDER_GOD.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 136.00 KB View
File OT19-139_WHITHER_SHALL_I_FLEE_FROM_THY_PRESENCE_-_Psalm_139_7.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 70.00 KB View
File OT24-08_IS_THERE_NOT_A_BALM_IN_GILEAD_-_Jeremiah_8_22.doc Feb-19-2013 06:50 PM 77.50 KB View

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