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At Cornerstone we believe the old paths are the best paths. Therefore we continue the tradition of singing the old hymns. Hymns breathe the praise of the saints, the vision of the prophets, the prayers of the penitent and the spirit of the martyrs. They bring solace to the sad, assurance to the perplexed, faith to the doubter and comfort to the oppressed. They span the centuries of history and bridge the barriers of denominations. Study them to be pure in heart; sing them to be joyful of spirit, store them in mind to possess a treasury of worship. 


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  • Sunday Services

    Sunday, Apr 22, 2018

    10,11 am, 6 pm

  • Mid-Week Service

    Wednesday, Apr 25, 2018

    6:30 pm - Prayer 7 pm - Bible Study

  • Work Day

    Saturday, Apr 28, 2018

    9 am

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