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These Audio Messages are the Messages recorded during our Special Meetings we have each year.

World Missions Conference in March , Camp Meeting in June, and Home and Family Conference in November.

I pray they are a blessing to your heart.

Let us know, we'd love to hear from you.

Title Author Date Duration
Audio Wives & Mothers E. Allen Griffith Sep 30, 2017 00:49:12 Dialup Download
Audio When is it Going to Change? E. Allen Griffith Sep 29, 2017 00:46:24 Dialup Download
Audio I'm Sick of Normal Craig Cobb Jun 23, 2017 00:53:16 Dialup Download
Audio What is that One Thing? Dan Martin Jun 22, 2017 00:45:27 Dialup Download
Audio Prayers I Pray Scott Strobel Jun 21, 2017 00:37:40 Dialup Download
Audio It Profits Nothing Greg Pritchard Jun 21, 2017 00:37:18 Dialup Download
Audio The Rest of the Story Dan Martin Jun 21, 2017 00:44:05 Dialup Download
Audio The Point of No Return Walter Printup Jun 21, 2017 00:32:13 Dialup Download
Audio What Do These Stones Mean? Craig Cobb Jun 20, 2017 01:41:37 Dialup Download
Audio The Danger of Backsliding Roland Mills Jun 20, 2017 00:43:25 Dialup Download
Audio The Mechanics of the Miracle Jon Jenkins Jun 20, 2017 01:07:18 Dialup Download
Audio This One Thing Dr. Jon Jenkins Jun 20, 2017 02:25:45 Dialup Download
Audio The Circle of Life Dr. Jon Jenkins Jun 19, 2017 01:14:57 Dialup Download
Audio Missions Bro. Lagoe Feb 27, 2017 00:27:28 Dialup Download
Audio A Willing Heart Bro. Dan Martin Feb 24, 2017 00:45:53 Dialup Download
Audio The Special Role of a Dad Dr. Allen Griffith Oct 23, 2016 00:40:00 Dialup Download
Audio Overcoming Past Problems Dr. Allen Griffith Oct 23, 2016 00:37:42 Dialup Download
Audio The Power of Love Dr. Allen Griffith Oct 23, 2016 00:39:20 Dialup Download
Audio The Ministry of Marriage Dr. Allen Griffith Oct 22, 2016 00:47:13 Dialup Download
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